Our Services

Helios is a boutique floral design studio located in Salem, MA. We offer custom floral design for weddings, events, luxury hospitality, corporate brands and garden design services.
  • Weddings & Events

    Our studio specializes in floral design for weddings and important life events. We take tremendous pride in bringing your creative visions to life and contributing our love for the natural world to your experiences.

  • Luxury Hospitality & Corporate Brands

    Our studio provides high end seasonal floral designs for hotels, restaurants, luxury brands, building management companies, spas, salons, shops, clubs, galleries, museums, etc... Our designs are created with the unique interiors and ethos of each of our clients in mind. Fresh flowers bring brightness and intrigue to any space, and are key to elevating a guests experience, whether they are enjoying a meal at your restaurant, getting their nails done at your salon, or checking in for a stay at your hotel.

  • Gardens

    We are in love with the art of floral design, but it all started with our love of the outdoors and the intricate details of the garden. We are constantly inspired by the landscapes around us and enjoy working with you to create incredible outdoor spaces for you to live in. Whether it's getting your home ready for the holidays with a seasonal pot or two, or consulting on plant selection and design of your back yard, we are all in!

  • Workshops and Private Events

    Helios offers a variety of seasonally inspired workshops to bring you closer to the world of floral design! Whether you and a buddy are looking for a fun creative night out, or looking to host a special event at our studio, we cannot wait to meet you and give you an introduction to the world of botanical design!

    Private workshops are a wonderful way to celebrate baby showers, birthdays, bridal showers, etc.. Please contact us about our availability and pricing for private events!

    You can view for our seasonal workshop event calendar below.

    Seasonal Workshops