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Why Helios?

In this wonderful industry of creative and imaginative peers, I feel that what sets me apart from most is my scientific background. "Helio" means sun. It has always been a driving force for me as an individual but now has a reach that effects my life through my business as well. Whether it be a surplus or a lack thereof, this force continues to support and challenge my way of life. When I say the word "Helios" it feels light, airy, and bright, but also is rooted with an amount of technicality that makes it simply me. 


What I Do…

Helios is a custom floral design studio that specializes in weddings and other celebrations. It brings me endless joy to create designs for each of my couples that play a part in the start of their lives together. 

I put a sharp emphasis on collaborative work. I work with couples, wedding and event coordinators, and other creatives from the beginning of their planning process to curate a fresh style and atmosphere for their event. Each of my designs is uniquely inspired by seasonality, intricacies in color, and the movements of a landscape. 

Each event is custom designed and therefore pricing varies for each project. You can expect a minimum investment of $3,500 for event floral design by Helios.

I am available for special events in New England, Denver, and on request to other locations. 

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About Keelia…

As a child I always enjoyed gardening days with family. I've been unfailingly fascinated by how intricately organized yet unruly plants are. This is something that I try to consistently express in my design aesthetic. My educational background is in Biology, which will always propel me towards understanding plants and their processes at a level deeper than what we see with the naked eye. I hope to give my clients a peek into my experiences and the details that I see in the natural world through my work.

I am always excited about planning my next adventure. Travel is a way for me to recoup after a busy season and to find inspiration. My hope is to be able to take Helios with me wherever I decide to go, and hopefully in return it will take me places as well. The next destinations on my wishlist are Morocco, Spain, and Mexico City.

On days that I'm not in the studio you can find me elbow deep in my garden or sifting through racks at the local thrift stores for treasure.