About this time every year I anxiously await the arrival of summer. I get increasingly frustrated with the sharp dips and spikes of the weather. My excitement for consistently warm temperatures and longer light hours almost always distracts my attention from the unimaginably miraculous phenomenon that is spring.

While I'm drooling over the idea of 85º days and warm summer nights, the subtle changes in temperature and light are starting to awaken all of the life that's been stowing away beneath dirt and rough bark since fall. My roses are shooting out gorgeous little leaves daily, and the buds on the lilacs are swollen and getting ready to pop open for us. I feel like a little kid awaiting my dessert. While of course I have day dreams of the big bouncy garden roses and dahlias that summer brings, I'm reminded once again that I can easily tide myself over with Aprils tough-as-nails blooms. 

If you're curious about what's movin' around on a cellular level in those seemingly empty hulls of plants out there, check out the links below for more insight. Enjoy!


... or follow along with Rob on his visit to the National Arboretum in this helpful vid!